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Miss Reef Calendar 2012

WOW! When we saw this teaser for the Miss Reef Calendar 2012 we were stoked! We’d never seen so much booty in on commercial campaign. Every year the surfbrand Reef produces a calendar which consists of the most beautifull butts in the world. Girls and women can join a contest in which the best booties will be selected to be shown at the calendar.  Also, a lot of other countries have organized their own Miss Reef Contests (in Dutch: Miss Reef Konttest) which made this initiative a worldwide phenomenon. This is what Reef says about this calendar:

The Miss Reef Calendar is an annual tradition that sets out to capture the essence of the Reef Brand; exotic beach locations, mesmerizing women and truly iconic Reef imagery that has been treasured by the surfing community for the past 25 years.
The 2010 Miss Reef calendar, the first of this limited edition series, was photographed entirely in Northern Brazil. The second installment took us to a remote archipelago of islands strung out along the Caribbean coast of Panama for the 2011 version. The third and latest installment showcases the Miss Reef Girls mingling with exotic locations in Puerto Rico, like Isabela, Aguadilla, Rincon, the waterfalls at San Sebastian, and Viejo San Juan.

We think this is a beautifull example of a brand that knows what their target group wants. The Miss Reef Calender fits the company very well. The calendar gives an image of the relaxing surfer lifestyle which is: Beautifull weather, gorgeous women and the best tropical places in the world. Next to this, the teaser video has become a viral which is shown on many different blogs and sites. It has over 4.5 million views on Youtube! This is exactly why we think that sex sells.  People just want to look at this stuff.

For now we put a few photo’s of the Miss Reef Contest and the teaser video of the Miss Reef Calendar online.


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