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Meet the Victoria's Secret Angels

Meet the most beautiful women in the world: Victoria's Secret Angels!

Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio

Miranda Kerr & Doutzen Kroes

Lilly Alridge & Lindsay Ellingson

Candice Swanepoel & Behati Prinsloo 

Erin Heatherton & Chanel Iman

Please share your opinion. Who's your favourite Angel? 

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Condom advertising!

For this weeks blog we have selected some brilliant condom advertisements for you. Because a lot o countries are still very prudish when it comes to sex in advertisements, it is very hard to sell your condoms to the market if you are a condom manufacturer. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers come up with some very creative ways of selling their products. In this post you can see some of the most creative one. Feel free to comment!

This advertisement is just great because of the suggestive visual. It might take a while till you get it, but once you do, you will not be able to suppress a smile. The second one is the same story. Another great way to let you know that this Scotsmen needs some pretty large equipment to do the deed.

Here are some advertisements of the condom manufacturer Elasun. They claim that sports make you healthy. We think they managed to give a funny twist to the selling of their products. After all, sex is like sports only better right!

We seriously don’t know how Durex keeps coming up with such great ideas of advertising. Their marketing department is the biggest reason that they are market leader in condoms! Again, you must look twice to get it, but if you do you will laugh.

And to end this show, we have put a nice and funny commercial of Durex online for you. Sit back and enjoy this creative idea.

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Jillz - Shirts Off Campaign

Spring is in the air and temperatures are rising! This week we have got some attractive advertising for our female visitors. The marketing campaign is about the brand Jillz. It is a sparkling cider produced by the Heineken Brewery.

The target group of Jillz are females within the age of 18 and 35 year old. Most of these females do not drink beer because of the bitter taste.

How to marketing a sparkling cider for young female? The Jillz marketing team launched a commercial with hot football players showing their naked bodies. This normally sounds like ordinary sexvertising. Although, they had a real story behind the commercial. In Holland it is not allowed for football players to take their shirts off. Therefore Jillz came up with the idea to start a petition to allow Dutch football players to take their shirts off. If you wanted to sign the petition, you could go their website and fill in a form. This was a very clever campaign and it went viral, thus the impact was huge. Besides, most women were very enthusiastic about the beautiful men take their shirts off in the commercial.

In our opinion Jillz did use sexvertising perfectly. They matched it with a recent topic and good story, which resulted in a excellent campaign that went viral and created a lot of brand awareness.

Enough talking. For the ladies: Enjoy the pictures!

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Kate Upton in Hamburger Commercial

You all probably heard of the superhot bathing suit model Kate Upton. Well, at the moment she is booming! Her pictures and video’s pop up everywhere so if you are interested in beautiful women you cannot have missed her. Therefore, the marketing departments of Carl’s jr. and Hardee’s spotted her popularity and thought: why don’t we use this gorgeous woman for a new hamburger campaign.

At first, it looks quite ridiculous to use sex to sell some burgers. However, we think they hit the jackpot with this campaign. The target group of fastfood burger restaurants consists mainly out of men. And as we mentioned earlier on this blog, men happen to like beautiful women. This commercial is also well made and the shots are almost like porn. It is so exaggerated that the whole commercial also becomes pretty funny. Kate Upton is one of the most popular models of this time so actually this campaign must work.

We would say, watch the commercial and the pictures. For you guys, we will also add some pictures of this fine young lady on our facebook page. For these pictures you can go to 

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Miss Reef Calendar 2012

WOW! When we saw this teaser for the Miss Reef Calendar 2012 we were stoked! We’d never seen so much booty in on commercial campaign. Every year the surfbrand Reef produces a calendar which consists of the most beautifull butts in the world. Girls and women can join a contest in which the best booties will be selected to be shown at the calendar.  Also, a lot of other countries have organized their own Miss Reef Contests (in Dutch: Miss Reef Konttest) which made this initiative a worldwide phenomenon. This is what Reef says about this calendar:

The Miss Reef Calendar is an annual tradition that sets out to capture the essence of the Reef Brand; exotic beach locations, mesmerizing women and truly iconic Reef imagery that has been treasured by the surfing community for the past 25 years.
The 2010 Miss Reef calendar, the first of this limited edition series, was photographed entirely in Northern Brazil. The second installment took us to a remote archipelago of islands strung out along the Caribbean coast of Panama for the 2011 version. The third and latest installment showcases the Miss Reef Girls mingling with exotic locations in Puerto Rico, like Isabela, Aguadilla, Rincon, the waterfalls at San Sebastian, and Viejo San Juan.

We think this is a beautifull example of a brand that knows what their target group wants. The Miss Reef Calender fits the company very well. The calendar gives an image of the relaxing surfer lifestyle which is: Beautifull weather, gorgeous women and the best tropical places in the world. Next to this, the teaser video has become a viral which is shown on many different blogs and sites. It has over 4.5 million views on Youtube! This is exactly why we think that sex sells.  People just want to look at this stuff.

For now we put a few photo’s of the Miss Reef Contest and the teaser video of the Miss Reef Calendar online.


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