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Kia Superbowl 2012 commercial: A dream car. For real life.

The Superbowl is for most marketers the most important moment a year. It is one of the most viewed sportevents of the year, with an average of 100 million viewers.  Thus, it is the perfect moment to introduce your new product to a large number of people. The average price for a 30 seconds commercial during the Superbowl is $3,5 million, which is quite a lot for small companies, for this reason you mostly see the multinationals advertising during the Superbowl.  

Kia wanted to promote their new 2012 car model ‘’Optima’’. The brand experience of Kia is not very sexy, neither the fact that they wanted to promote a hybrid car. Nevertheless, they went brainstorming and though, how could we entertain people and make our brand look more sexy, though, and fun. Marketers new that sex sells and they created an outstanding commercial.

For this commercial they used several smart elements. First of all, they hired the famous and enormous sexy model‘’Adriana Lima’’, who is also famous from ‘’Victoria Secret’’. Secondly, they used the rockband ‘’Motley Crue’’, which made the commercial fun and the car more sportive. Thirdly, to make the car tough by using famous mixed martial arts fighter ‘’Chuck Liddell’’. By using these three elements the commercial was more than just a sexy commercial, and it is one of the first commercials that did make a hybrid car look sexy, tough and fun to drive!

Check the sexy, tough and fun Kia Superbowl 2012 commercial!:

For the Adriana Lima fans, check out this 15 seconds HD teaser! 

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