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Jillz - Shirts Off Campaign

Spring is in the air and temperatures are rising! This week we have got some attractive advertising for our female visitors. The marketing campaign is about the brand Jillz. It is a sparkling cider produced by the Heineken Brewery.

The target group of Jillz are females within the age of 18 and 35 year old. Most of these females do not drink beer because of the bitter taste.

How to marketing a sparkling cider for young female? The Jillz marketing team launched a commercial with hot football players showing their naked bodies. This normally sounds like ordinary sexvertising. Although, they had a real story behind the commercial. In Holland it is not allowed for football players to take their shirts off. Therefore Jillz came up with the idea to start a petition to allow Dutch football players to take their shirts off. If you wanted to sign the petition, you could go their website and fill in a form. This was a very clever campaign and it went viral, thus the impact was huge. Besides, most women were very enthusiastic about the beautiful men take their shirts off in the commercial.

In our opinion Jillz did use sexvertising perfectly. They matched it with a recent topic and good story, which resulted in a excellent campaign that went viral and created a lot of brand awareness.

Enough talking. For the ladies: Enjoy the pictures!

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