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Axe Anarchy for her!

The world famous Axe body spray is now also available for women! Axe is famous for their ‘’Axe effect’’, which promotes the concept that men will turn extremely attractive when using the Axe body spray. They used several marketing campaigns with women chasing attractive men, because of the Axe effect.
The Axe marketing team came up with a new concept, they wanted to increase their target group by aiming on women. They developed a new body spray for women, which will activate the ‘’Axe effect’’, so men will start chasing them. The campaign for this new body spray is called ‘’Axe Anarchy for him for her’’. Last Friday there was a clever marketing add in a Dutch newspaper called ‘’Metro’’.

They placed a full size add and claimed that the new Axe body spray caused chaos in Amsterdam. The picture in the add displayed many people kissing each other ‘’axe effect’’. In the add they reproduced a front page of the newspaper, so it was not completely obvious that it was about an add. Several people thought that it really was front page news, but on the top of the page there was written with small letters ‘’advertisement’’. Many people did pay attention to this add, because it was weird and interesting to read. However the news was just a way to create buzz about the new product, because there was no chaos in Amsterdam. The mix of sex in the advertisement (kissing people) and chaos in Amsterdam was a smart way to get the attention of a large number of people. Although, this add can also have negative impact, such as people feeling betrayed by the fake news. In our opinion the concept was great but the execution was weak. They could have created more buzz by using more sex in the advertisement and engagement through Facebook.

If you are interesting in the new body spray you can buy them for sale at Kruidvat. Buy two body spray and you will get the third one for free! (Sale available from 28 February till 11 March).

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Che - Let us keep on dreaming of a better world

This weeks blog will be about a campain of Ché Mens Magazine. This Belgian magazine focusses on everything men like, from fast cars to beatifull women. You can see this magazine as the competitor of Playboy and FHM. So why are we writing about this magazine? Well, they launced an amazing sexvertising campain with the slogan: 'Let us keep on dreaming of a better world'. Because their target group only consists out of men, they thought of using (a lot) of sex in their advertising. Most of the topics in Ché are also sex related.

What they did was respond to the deepest wishes of the manly brain: What if all women were horny and easy. Therefore they thought of a campain which puts out what the magazine is all about but most of all grabs attention of their target group. In this post you can see what advertisements they used.

All the advertisements are over the top and project the idea of an ideal (men)world. All the cheesecakes (women in advertisements) are very beautiful and breathe sex! What we like the most about this campain is that it makes your laugh. Ché build a very nice and creative campain which connects beautifully to the main idea of the magazine. Also, next to the billboards they made smaller advertisements which they put on the desks of salespoints. These advertisements suggest that the lady behind the desk is actually a very tempting woman with not much clothing. This trick has some funny effects ons the people in the store. 

All and all, this campain is very well designed and we are sure that it will have the desired effect on the target group. For now, just enjoy the photo's!

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Kia Superbowl 2012 commercial: A dream car. For real life.

The Superbowl is for most marketers the most important moment a year. It is one of the most viewed sportevents of the year, with an average of 100 million viewers.  Thus, it is the perfect moment to introduce your new product to a large number of people. The average price for a 30 seconds commercial during the Superbowl is $3,5 million, which is quite a lot for small companies, for this reason you mostly see the multinationals advertising during the Superbowl.  

Kia wanted to promote their new 2012 car model ‘’Optima’’. The brand experience of Kia is not very sexy, neither the fact that they wanted to promote a hybrid car. Nevertheless, they went brainstorming and though, how could we entertain people and make our brand look more sexy, though, and fun. Marketers new that sex sells and they created an outstanding commercial.

For this commercial they used several smart elements. First of all, they hired the famous and enormous sexy model‘’Adriana Lima’’, who is also famous from ‘’Victoria Secret’’. Secondly, they used the rockband ‘’Motley Crue’’, which made the commercial fun and the car more sportive. Thirdly, to make the car tough by using famous mixed martial arts fighter ‘’Chuck Liddell’’. By using these three elements the commercial was more than just a sexy commercial, and it is one of the first commercials that did make a hybrid car look sexy, tough and fun to drive!

Check the sexy, tough and fun Kia Superbowl 2012 commercial!:

For the Adriana Lima fans, check out this 15 seconds HD teaser! 

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Durex flavoured condoms

In this blogpost we would like to discuss a hilarious campaign from Durex about their flavoured condoms. Durex is well known for their genious marketingcampaigns about their product. It is pretty obvious that Durex uses sex in their campaigns because their products are designed for sex. However, their originality is award winning. Durex makes you laugh and makes sex even more fun than it already is.
The video which is included in this blog is about Durex’ chocolate flavoured condoms. Everybody knows the story of milkmans that have several affairs with the housewifes to who they deliver the milk every morning. Durex responds brilliantly to this myth by linking one of their problems to it. The best part of this commercial is probably the end scene with the milkmans wife and one of his sheep.  You almost cannot not like this commercial.
One point of critic may be that consumers think they get the same rotten teeth as the women in the commercial. However, we think that people are smart enough to see that Durex would never make condoms that have such effects on your health. All in all, this campain is beautifull made and connects perfectly to its targetgroup.

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