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Suit Supply Shameless Campaign

In the end of 2010 the Dutch brand ‘’Suit Supply’’ launched the provocative and shameless campaign. The company is found by entrepreneur Fokke de Jong and their core business is selling suits. Nowadays the company belongs to the top of suit selling companies.
The provocative campaign was shot by world famous photographer Carli Hermes. The photos in this campaign show half naked women and gentlemen dressed up in suits. Every picture breathes sex. However, the photos are also very stylish which makes Suit Supply wants to send the message that every men can look or be successful dressed up with the suits of Suit Supply and get all the women they want. All in all, this is a beautiful made campaign which will probably lead to some HOT sales!

The campaign received positive as negative feedback, but overall gained lots of free publicity. During the campaign the photos were also displayed on billboards and were found very shocking by some people who went to the ‘Advertising standards committee’’. In the end Suit Supply did not have to remove their campaign from the billboards but they received a warning for their provocative campaign. Just after all the commotion Suit Supply launched their new online webshop. Whether you like it or not sex sells and did gain Suit Supply a lot of free publicity.

If you wonder how Fokke de Jong, Carli Hermes and their crew develop sexual campaigns like this you should check this behind the scenes video of their 2011 campaign. It’s interesting to see how they discuss their concept and visualize their concept with mood boards. 

What do you think are the sexual campaigns of Suit Supply to provocative to display in public areas?   

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Welcome to our blog!

This blog will be online for a few months to introduce you into the world of sexvertising. Nowadays, you can’t walk outside without being confronted with loads and loads of advertising. Thousands of companies want to sell their stuff to you. However, because of this overload people get immune for these incentives. Therefore, some companies try to get your attention by using sex in their advertisements. You probably have caught yourself several times not watching the road while driving because a beautiful woman or men on a billboard caught your attention. This is exactly what companies want. When sex is used in advertisements, people will notice and talk about it.

On this blog we will discuss several sexual marketing campaigns of photo’s to show you how companies try influence you by using that what is most important for mankind. Our goal is to make you laugh, inform you and let you think about the thoughts behind the advertisements.

You also might have wondered why our blog is called ‘Cheesecake’. Well, a cheesecake is a synonym for a beautiful female model which is used in advertisements and that is exactly what we will be looking at the next months!

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