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Axe Anarchy for her!

The world famous Axe body spray is now also available for women! Axe is famous for their ‘’Axe effect’’, which promotes the concept that men will turn extremely attractive when using the Axe body spray. They used several marketing campaigns with women chasing attractive men, because of the Axe effect.
The Axe marketing team came up with a new concept, they wanted to increase their target group by aiming on women. They developed a new body spray for women, which will activate the ‘’Axe effect’’, so men will start chasing them. The campaign for this new body spray is called ‘’Axe Anarchy for him for her’’. Last Friday there was a clever marketing add in a Dutch newspaper called ‘’Metro’’.

They placed a full size add and claimed that the new Axe body spray caused chaos in Amsterdam. The picture in the add displayed many people kissing each other ‘’axe effect’’. In the add they reproduced a front page of the newspaper, so it was not completely obvious that it was about an add. Several people thought that it really was front page news, but on the top of the page there was written with small letters ‘’advertisement’’. Many people did pay attention to this add, because it was weird and interesting to read. However the news was just a way to create buzz about the new product, because there was no chaos in Amsterdam. The mix of sex in the advertisement (kissing people) and chaos in Amsterdam was a smart way to get the attention of a large number of people. Although, this add can also have negative impact, such as people feeling betrayed by the fake news. In our opinion the concept was great but the execution was weak. They could have created more buzz by using more sex in the advertisement and engagement through Facebook.

If you are interesting in the new body spray you can buy them for sale at Kruidvat. Buy two body spray and you will get the third one for free! (Sale available from 28 February till 11 March).

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