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Condom advertising!

For this weeks blog we have selected some brilliant condom advertisements for you. Because a lot o countries are still very prudish when it comes to sex in advertisements, it is very hard to sell your condoms to the market if you are a condom manufacturer. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers come up with some very creative ways of selling their products. In this post you can see some of the most creative one. Feel free to comment!

This advertisement is just great because of the suggestive visual. It might take a while till you get it, but once you do, you will not be able to suppress a smile. The second one is the same story. Another great way to let you know that this Scotsmen needs some pretty large equipment to do the deed.

Here are some advertisements of the condom manufacturer Elasun. They claim that sports make you healthy. We think they managed to give a funny twist to the selling of their products. After all, sex is like sports only better right!

We seriously don’t know how Durex keeps coming up with such great ideas of advertising. Their marketing department is the biggest reason that they are market leader in condoms! Again, you must look twice to get it, but if you do you will laugh.

And to end this show, we have put a nice and funny commercial of Durex online for you. Sit back and enjoy this creative idea.

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