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Durex flavoured condoms

In this blogpost we would like to discuss a hilarious campaign from Durex about their flavoured condoms. Durex is well known for their genious marketingcampaigns about their product. It is pretty obvious that Durex uses sex in their campaigns because their products are designed for sex. However, their originality is award winning. Durex makes you laugh and makes sex even more fun than it already is.
The video which is included in this blog is about Durex’ chocolate flavoured condoms. Everybody knows the story of milkmans that have several affairs with the housewifes to who they deliver the milk every morning. Durex responds brilliantly to this myth by linking one of their problems to it. The best part of this commercial is probably the end scene with the milkmans wife and one of his sheep.  You almost cannot not like this commercial.
One point of critic may be that consumers think they get the same rotten teeth as the women in the commercial. However, we think that people are smart enough to see that Durex would never make condoms that have such effects on your health. All in all, this campain is beautifull made and connects perfectly to its targetgroup.

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