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Kate Upton in Hamburger Commercial

You all probably heard of the superhot bathing suit model Kate Upton. Well, at the moment she is booming! Her pictures and video’s pop up everywhere so if you are interested in beautiful women you cannot have missed her. Therefore, the marketing departments of Carl’s jr. and Hardee’s spotted her popularity and thought: why don’t we use this gorgeous woman for a new hamburger campaign.

At first, it looks quite ridiculous to use sex to sell some burgers. However, we think they hit the jackpot with this campaign. The target group of fastfood burger restaurants consists mainly out of men. And as we mentioned earlier on this blog, men happen to like beautiful women. This commercial is also well made and the shots are almost like porn. It is so exaggerated that the whole commercial also becomes pretty funny. Kate Upton is one of the most popular models of this time so actually this campaign must work.

We would say, watch the commercial and the pictures. For you guys, we will also add some pictures of this fine young lady on our facebook page. For these pictures you can go to 

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